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Cyber Security Stack Solutions
Cyber Security Stack Solutions
Cyber Security Stack Solutions
Cyber Security Stack Solutions

A Modern Cyber Security Stack Solutions

Cyber Security stack describes the collection of cybersecurity tools and platforms (often depicted in layers) that organizations implement to protect themselves against cyber threats. Security stack solutions are those tools, platforms, and services that help to identify risks and respond to them promptly, thus keeping the IT landscape safe.

Security Stack services involve the provision of security stack solutions for organizations to protect their computer systems and networks against cyberattacks.



Become aware and stay on top of all security threats with layered security. Enjoy security management on a different level, deliver real-time visibility, and achieve greater awareness with the security stack.



Manage policy enforcement and unified analytics from a single platform with security stack protection. Make tangible decisions from extracted data to strengthen security and provide a safer environment for systems and networks to function.



Get trusted industry tools and enjoy end-to-end security that simplifies management and minimizes potential risks across all sections of your IT infrastructure.



Confidently monitor and measure all endpoints from a unified console to determine how accurately security tools, techniques, and technologies protect your IT landscape against threats.

Orbis – Stack Security Solutions

Whether you’re a small, medium, or large-scale business, Orbis is your one-stop stack security solutions provider with a range of tools and platforms dedicated to reinforcing your security and protecting your organization against cyber threats.

Here’s why we are the ideal partner for your stack security solutions.


Unified Security Strategy

We help you build a unified security strategy by providing the most effective security tools that support a wide array of environments. A unified security strategy allows you to protect digital assets with end-to-end visibility regardless of the environment they're stored.


Multi-Layered Defense

At Orbis, we can help you deploy a multi-layered security system to secure different kinds of components in your IT infrastructure, such as storage devices, networking platforms, applications, etc. Our multi-layered defense ensures that highly vulnerable areas are protected with multiple security controls so that malicious actors do not penetrate through them.


Unified Personnel

Orbis provides experts with up-to-date knowledge of the best industry practices and excellent collaboration skills to augment your team members and give more insight into your security environments.


Secure Application Lifecycle

We offer security tools that enable security testing and other non-production environments to improve security practices, find and fix threats, and prevent similar security issues in the future.


Protect Applications & Data

Our solutions protect the applications and data stored in your enterprise's heterogeneous environment with a unified security strategy, thus allowing your business to operate smoothly and accomplish more within a short period.


Secure New Environment

We understand that business demands increase over time, and you may need to incorporate new environments to meet operational needs. Orbis provides flexible tools that can effectively secure your current environment and meet the security needs of new and future environments.

Importance of Layered Stack Security

  1. It prevents data breaches

    In a layered stack defense, multiple layers of protection are used to mitigate attacks. Malicious actors will have to break through these numerous layers of defense at the same time, which is almost impossible.

  2. It strengthens weak points in the system.

    It's common knowledge that every system, no matter how strong, has its vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals might be able to break in through these weak or vulnerable points to cause security problems. However, with stack security, these vulnerable points will be protected with multiple layers of defense, thus strengthening the protection.

  3. It enhances work speed.

    No more slowing down operations due to security reasons as deploying Network security stack solutions allow you to operate at full speed while rest assured that your security system would counter any threat to your cyberspace. Your layered stack solutions run in the background to detect and eliminate any potential threats promptly while you enjoy uninterrupted service.


Tools We used to Make Up Your Network Security Solutions

At Orbis, we deploy the best security stack tools to protect your IT infrastructure and keep threats minimal. We make sure to provide our clients with an arsenal of industry-leading Network security stack tools to ensure unmatched protection against highly aggressive attacks.

Understanding Our Cybersecurity Stack Framework

Our cybersecurity stack framework is an illustration of how our security stack solutions work collaboratively to bolster your security system and minimize the risk of cyber threats. Our Network security stack framework features five key components, which are “identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.”


this entails identifying the critical system functions and the aspects by which cybersecurity risks could interrupt them. The first component entails understanding what your organization is protecting.


our tools work to ensure that the impact of any potential cybersecurity event is minimal. We help you control who logs on to your network and encrypt sensitive data. We cover AV/Firewall/DNS filtering as well.


involves putting in place the required measures to unveil potential threats and security risks. This includes continuous monitoring of computers for unusual activity and unauthorized personnel access, devices, and software.


if a threat makes it past preventive tools, the focus is shifted to the implementation of relevant measures that limit the impact of the threat and contain the attack. The tools notify the security department of the security issue, investigate, and respond immediately to combat the attack.


includes deploying the tools and strategies that will help to restore and repair any processes, tools, or services that's been interrupted after a cybersecurity incident.

Essentials For Any Business's Security Stack

There are a wide variety of tools available for building a business’s security stack. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and distracted by the multitude of cybersecurity stack tools sometimes. However, by knowing the essentials, you can rest assured that your Network security stack has the core instruments to offer your business adequate protection.


Remote Access Security

Remote access security ensures that only authorized and authenticated persons have access to your organization's data, network, resources, and other assets. This enhances security and blocks any attempt by unauthorized persons, e.g., cybercriminals.


Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

Endpoints are the working devices that connect to your IT networks, such as mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, servers, and virtual machines. These components may connect to other networks and carry threats to your IT landscape, hence the need to oversee and safeguard them against threats via Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) tools.


Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Mobile device management aims to manage multiple devices simultaneously and ensure that only safe devices are connected to your network. Compromised or stolen devices will be disconnected remotely, thus ensuring that the content and configurations of all devices do not pose any threat to your IT infrastructure.


Penetration Testing Tools

Penetration testing tools are especially important for sectors like fintech and healthcare because they deal with sensitive data. These include financial records, health records, personally identifiable information, etc. Penetration testing tools help to uncover weaknesses and vulnerabilities in any component before cybercriminals exploit it.


Cloud Security Posture Management

Lastly, cloud security posture management (CSPM) enables the identification of problematic configurations or any cloud compliance risks in your infrastructure. This is especially helpful when companies get certain services from external vendors, as there maybe be irregular configurations or compliance problems that can compromise security.

Implement a Security Stack That Fits Your Business

Orbis has been in the Cybersecurity industry for decades, protecting all sizes of businesses from threats using security stack solutions. We know the ideal security stack that fits your business like a glove and offers maximum protection against threats.

We also have a team of experienced and trained professionals dedicated to deploying the best Cyber security stack measures to ensure businesses are safe to operate in cyberspace, even in the face of aggressive attacks.

We understand how costly security breaches can be if any weak spot in your infrastructure is detected; that’s why our Network security stack solutions are built from essential tools that bolster your defense and allow you to perform at top speed.


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Cyber Security Stack Solutions
Cyber Security Stack Solutions