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Orbis SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)
Orbis SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)
Orbis SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)
Orbis SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)

Cyber threats are rising globally, and organizations must implement reliable cybersecurity systems to combat these evolving threats. Beyond deploying the latest tools and techniques, organizations must have a Security Operations Center (SOC) responsible for identifying, investigating, responding to, and preventing cybersecurity threats.

For many reasons, it is impractical for organizations to have an in-house team to provide SOC services. Therefore, the need to work remotely with a third-party vendor providing these services arises. SOC-as-a-Service refers to the process of obtaining the security responsibilities of a SOC team from a third-party provider.

Orbis SOC-as-a-Service helps organizations fulfill their security SOC needs by delivering dynamic, round-the-clock cybersecurity encompassing all the required security functions, including threat detection and intelligence, log management, incident investigation, etc. Designed with MDR objectives and workflows in mind, we can detect breaches faster than any other solution on the market.

Why Your Business Needs Managed SOC (Security Operation Center) services?

Cyberattacks continuously take different forms as malicious actors tirelessly attempt new strategies to break sophisticated IT infrastructures. As a result, businesses need Managed SOC services to mitigate cyber threats and protect digital assets. A Managed Security Operations Center helps businesses get 24×7×365 protection for their systems and networks against bad actors looking to interrupt operations or steal sensitive data.

Below are some reasons why businesses need Managed SOC services.

Increase in the number of Cyberattacks

More businesses are migrating to cloud storage daily, exposing digital assets to a new category of risks. Managed SOC services help to tackle rising cyber threats and provide a safe environment for businesses to thrive.

Complex cybersecurity landscape

Today's IT environments are more complex, hence the need for a complex cybersecurity landscape. Managed SOC ensures that every loophole that can cause system or network compromise is effectively blocked.

Inability to find the right protection

Cybersecurity needs are moving quickly as businesses must defend their infrastructure against attacks from countless bad actors. Unfortunately, finding the ideal professionals with up-to-date knowledge of cyber threats to provide the proper protection becomes more difficult by the day. With Managed SOC services, businesses can rest assured that their security is ahead of potential attacks, thus keeping threats minimal.

Longer dwell time of an incident.

When there's a security issue, time is crucial in determining how detrimental the problem will be. For example, IBM's 2020 Data security report says it took businesses up to nine months to detect and contain a breach in 2020. On the other hand, managed SOC services enable swift response to security issues and early recovery before the hacker can do any severe damage.

Orbis's Managed Security Operations Center (SOC)Features



At Orbis Cybersecurity, we see every crucial security detail at one glance with Orbis's Managed SOC dashboard. In addition, we use centralized platforms developed by National Security Agency (NSA) cyber operations experts to view threat data, security alerts, recommendations, analysis, and more.



Orbis provides a specially assigned analyst that's highly experienced and dedicated to generating more effective results. Get experience-driven support with data analysis and practical recommendations to improve security across all channels.



Orbis's Managed Security Operations Center will integrate smoothly with your existing cybersecurity system and team to help you achieve formidable protection that can withstand the most brutal attacks.



Orbis offers organizations teams of adept cloud security professionals with decades of experience managing complex infrastructures and preventing cyber threats. Our professionals have unmatched quality and are up-to-date with security trends, thus staying ahead in the fight against cyber threats.

Our Approach to SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)

We take an all-encompassing approach to SOC-as-a-service, offering enterprises round-the-clock protection. As a result, businesses can rest assured that they are in safe hands as our Security Operations Center SOC diligently monitors and safeguards systems and networks against malicious actors.

Our approach to SOC-as-a-service is as follows:

1. Collect

We begin by collecting large volumes of raw data, which we use to determine the possible security challenges in your enterprise. We collect the data from interviews with key personnel, scans of systems and resources, packets, logs, HTTP/HTTPs, and other relevant parts of the security stack.

2. Inspect

We inspect the collected raw data to detect any possible irregularities pointing to a security alert.

3. Analyze

If there are security concerns, we perform a complete analysis of all resulting security alerts to gain insight into their nature and possibly advance them to incident status.

4. Investigate

We investigate security alerts that make it to incident status individually to understand their seriousness and determine what further action we will take.

5. Escalate & notify

Finally, we classify all threats and validate incidents. If we record any high or critical incidents, we alert the security team within 15 minutes of detection to respond to the incident while providing remediation guidance.

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Orbis SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)
Orbis SOC-as-a-Service (Security Operation Center)